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Release date: 2015/08/19

After a good several month preparation, YuronChemical successfully appeared on China International Coating Expo on June 30th2015. The Booth Number is E4053-B.During the Expo, Yuron launched several high viscosity and high competitive Chlorinated Rubber including CR40, CR90, CR130, CR170 and CR400.These products are widely used in the adhesive market.

During the Expo, we talked to our new and existing customers from all over the world, discussing the future opportunities and challenges which are ahead of us.

As well as one hundred year ceremony for the Chinese Coating Industry, it is also the 21st year since Yuron was established. And this autumn, Yuron will move to the new factory. In the new environment,we will provide better service with a new professional corporate image. By then, we warmly welcome new and old customers to come and discuss business plans.Let us go hand in hand and create a more brilliant future together.

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