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Chlorinated polyolefin series resin

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Chlorinated rubber (CR)--adhesive grade

“YURON CR” eries of products have excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, and salt resistance. “YURON CR” is soluble in a variety of solvents and resins and compounds..In the adhesive industry, it enhances bond strength, such as durable adhesives between rubber and metal, and improves resistance to:
1. ozone
2. mineral oil
3. chemical substance
4. burning
5. environmental erosion

“YURON CR” can be stably dissolved in toluene, xylene and other organic solvents, forming a colorless or light yellow transparent solution. It is insoluble in ethanol-aliphatic solvents.

“YURON CR” is stable at ambient temperature, but degrades slowly under continuous heating.

“YURON CR” can be dissolved with a large number of plasticizers, resins, pigments and fillers.

Application field:
“YURON CR” can be used to bond all kinds of elastomers (e.g. NR, IR, IIR, SBR, EPDM, CR, NBR or CM) to metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, etc. The most used classes are the "YURON CR" CR-130 and CR-170.
"YURON CR" comes in a variety of grades depending on the viscosity index, all of which do not contain carbon tetrachloride.

Packaging and storage:
20 kg per bag. Store in dry environment at room temperature. This product is a non - dangerous goods, stable chemical performance.

Technical indicators:


CR-22 CR-40 CR-90 CR-130 CR-170 CR-400

 chlorine content (%) ≥


 viscosity (mPa.s)(18.5% toluene solution 23℃)

20±4 42±9 92±18 150±30 165±35 400±50

 maximum solubility(w/w) %


 loss on drying(%) ≤



white powder
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