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Chlorinated polyolefin series resin

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Chlorinated polyolefin resin -adhesion promoter

YURON CP is inated polyolefin resin developed by Ningbo Haoxin Yuron New Material Co., Ltd. It has excellent adhesion. It can replace chlorinated polypropylene as adhesion promoter. Products are mainly suitable for the following materials: polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, EVA, PET, rubber, metal (such as steel, aluminum, PU, glass, acrylic.
YURON CP has excellent adhesion, water resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, flame retardant, and high gloss of the coating.

YURON CP and other types of resin has good intermiscibility, such as epoxy resin, alkyd resin, acrylic acid, chlorinated rubber resin, Polyethylene, highchlorinated resin, etc.
Can use solvents: toluene, xylene, butanone, methyl isobutyl ketone, ethyl acetate, methyl methacrylate and so on. Test the Solubility of the sample before using the product.

To use
♦ The adhesion promoter of polypropylene plastics;
♦ Plastic paint with one bottom;
♦ Screen printing ink;
♦ Treatment agent for special plastic materials;
♦ Plastic and metal adhesive;

Technical indicators:



chlorine content (%)

≥65 30

viscosity (mPa.s)(20% Xylene solution (25℃)

5-10 20-80

thermal decomposition temperature ( ℃ ) ≥


loss on drying(%) ≤


Packaging and storage
This product is white powder. Packed in kraft paper bags, each bag 20KG, stored under normal temperature and dry environment. This product is not dangerous goods, stable chemical Performance.

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